Things needs to tell as for babakud brand

Since we set up this brand for 7 years, we have accumulated, and improved day by day. Products have become more exquisite and our services have gained more applause and cheers.

This article is written for guys who have in deep trusts with us.
When the brand was first launched, many customers could not believe our philosophy. Because the commodity fulfillment center and warehouse are located in China. Many customers are misunderstood that our products are not good enough and refined enough.

The turth is, some people have judged that we are a fraudulent company before the actual purchase.That's unfair. However, we have been proving to our customers that our products are of high quality and worth buying. Now they get to know and bealive it.

Much more fortunate, some customers have been very supportive of ours services and products. Give us the courage and strength to continue to create. Our products have expanded from the original clothing to more categories, such as shoes, and bags. If possible, we hope to add another brand new site next year to develop more satisfying products.

What's more, we would like to say to those customers who don't know us well. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service staff. Our slogan is that everything can be solved, please believe: you will not regret becoming a customer of babakud.

We are exploring more possiblity with you, are you still waiting?

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