How to wash cotton linen clothes?

Cotton line is made by nature meterials ,it’s soft and easy to deformed and wrinkle .

Wash it with your hands.

For wash the ethnic printed color clothes of cotton linen is easy to colorless . when you wash the cotton clothes ,be sure to not sue too much laundry soap and powder.well,simply wash it with cold water instead of hot water,and don;t mix laundry soap and powder .hang it inmediatly after you wash it. for keeping the color of your dark clothes , put a little salt in the water,it works well in keeping the color with the clothes .

 For drying,it’s better to not wring out straight otherwise it could be come hard ,the best way is to fold it and lightly wring it out.

Just because the cotton linen is easy to lose it’s shape doesn’t mean it can’t be machine dried ,Air drying is still the best way though. Be careful where you dry your clothes.if they’re in the sun for too long,the color could fade.When hanging ,let the clothes hang straight and dark colors will last.

 For maintenance the cotton linen is important.Just avoid the grease and be careful washing and they should live a long time.

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