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Babakud is not an at-average clothing store. Established in 2012, we stand apart from all the others by caring more about your comfort than anything else. Each piece that you will find in our store is either handmade. We don’t want you walking out just looking good, we also want our products to capture your uniqueness. Babakud isn’t about mass-produced clothing that you’ll find everywhere. We like creating pieces that are comfy enough to let you be your awesome self!

We serve our customers in all things. But there’s one most important way through which we do that. Our premium quality linen clothing can go toe to toe with any of the other higher priced brands you will find in the market. Yet, we offer them to you at affordable prices. We want our customers to feel the delight in wearing our creations just as we felt while designing them. Therefore, you will discover Babakud matches quality with unmatched pricing!

Finally, we realize that today’s discerning buyer looks for more than just great material and reasonable pricing. As one, you expect exemplary customer service. At Babakud, we satisfy that requirement with an accomplished customer relations team. Whether it is a return that you’re interested in or a refund that you need, our experts are on it! Our customer service is accessible to you throughout your online shopping sprees. That includes the pre- and post-sale parts of your babakud journey.

Moreover, we take care of replacement requests too – and all of that receives immediate attention as deserved! On the rare occasions, when they cannot accommodate your request due to jetlag, our customer service team members get right down on your problem as soon as they are able to do so!

Babakud thanks our customers for their patronage. With your support, we’ll continue to choose to swim against the current because of the love we have for our customers. Find your favored attire at our store today!

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