6 Tips for washing cotton linen clothing

6 Tips for washing cotton linen clothing


Most of the friends who have been exposed to the cotton and linen materials will be impressed by the texture and comfort of cotton and linen. Although she loves cotton and linen, she has a headache for the delicateness of cotton and linen, because it is difficult to take care of.



The air permeability of cotton and linen will be better than that of ordinary clothes, so don't worry about making you feel hot in summer. Pure natural materials do not hurt the skin, especially for buyers who are prone to skin allergies.


So if you love it, how can you better care for it?


Today, let me talk about a little bit of advice about washing.



Cotton and linen clothes should not be soaked, washed with cold water; wash immediately after water, the first wash is best to add a spoonful of table salt in cold water.



The temperature of the washing liquid must not be too high. Hemp fabrics have poor coloring, and washing at too high a temperature can easily cause the fabric to fade, causing it to lose its original color. The general washing temperature is preferably 40 degrees Celsius. Use neutral laundry detergent or special laundry detergent, such as linen detergent. It is forbidden to use chlorine and enzyme cleaning products. After washing, do not expose to sunlight. Knitted products should be laid flat to dry. , Enzyme washing supplies. After washing, do not expose to sunlight. Knitted products should be laid flat to dry.




Knead without twisting. Hemp fabric has poor cohesion. If the force used during washing is too large, the structure of the fabric will be displaced, making the hemp fabric easy to fluff. When washing in a washing machine, the amount of water should be larger, it should be lightly washed, and the drying time should be short, so as to reduce the friction between the hemp fabric and the wall of the container and play a role in protecting the fiber. It is best not to wash in the washing machine. Avoid twisting when rinsing, otherwise, it will easily cause slip deformation of the fabric structure, affecting its appearance. The washing time should not be too long, preferably 10-15 minutes.



In order to make the wearing effect more perfect, iron it before wearing it. Cotton and linen fabrics are usually ironed at a medium temperature of 160℃-180℃.



What should I do if the white clothes made of cotton are washed more and more yellow? Tides are not very useful. Cheats: boil water in a large pot, add detergent, immerse the clothes and cook for about 30 minutes to ensure clean white.



Do not expose to the sun. After washing, just dry in the wind to smooth.



Take care of cotton and linen clothing together, and take care of your own inner.


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