The Story About BABAKUD.

     It's been a while to thinking of write something about BABAKUD. Becouse we have been asked many times about what is BABAKUD? We are glad BABAKUD become slowly recognized so i think it is very necessary to write this to tell everyone the story of BABAKUD.What is the materials of our products etc.

     BABAKUD Established in 2012,we are focus-on program is women cotton loose linen fitting garments. As you can find 80% products in BABAKUD is made by natrual fabric cotton and linen. why we choose this material is actually about the enviroment we are living. we are living in the age of great pressure,work;relationships;family;career etc.We all want have some quiet moment ,the moment just for yourself ,need some fresh air,need something natrual,something green to find ourselves So this is become to the idea of our brand. We are only focus on comfortable;leisure;casual;loose style while it has some retro & vintage elments.

     A women image who independence and freedom;confident is what we are looking for.It's not only a idea,it's a decision that will make you become comfortable;confident;simple;pretty too.In return you to the origanal tranquility and peace. Our aim is to provide you with a comfortable and healthy wearing's also a distinctive personality we want you have and BABAKUD will provide.

    BABAKUD also have selling women shoes.All the shoes style is unique (some of are limited ) ,with real leather and handmade.Meanwhile,we are very focused on handcrafs(shoes and clothes),handmade products are delicate and it also shows the essence of our brand.

   I would talk more about BABAKUD.For a grandually recognized brand we have a lots to do ,to try.We are trying to better day by day.we are growing every day.becouse of you we have chance to be better.We have very focused on the improvement of brand value and establish a reliable brand.We will be better.

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