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Babakud stores will have a Chinese style category and will classify all clothing with Chinese style. To facilitate customers to find this style of dress easily.


Today we will take you to familiarize yourself with the costumes of the Chinese ethnic style. National costumes refer to each nation's own culture and can also be called local costumes or folk costumes. People usually wear casual clothes daily; they will dress up in ethnic style costumes at festivals, religious ceremonies, national ceremonies, and other formal occasions. Some of the decorations can infer the marital status, social or religious status of the wearer. The cultural connotation of ethnic clothing is rich, including raw materials, textile technology, printing and dyeing technology, embroidery technology, pattern patterns, color expression, jewelry technology, and cultural value.

chinese style womens clothes
The earliest "Chinese national style" originated from the West. "Chinese style" (Chinoiserie) features some western patterns or decorative styles with Chinese characteristics used in painting, sculpture, and architecture. The "Chinese style" in textile and apparel collar regulations is mainly manifest in the design of textile patterns and clothing styles and colors. The graphics, crafts, and techniques used in clothing design with traditional Chinese style are called "Chinese style" clothing design. This type of establishment style is also an artistic expression of Chinese elements following the world's trend.

Ethnic Chinese style clothing

In today's clothing industry, the Chinese style is one of the design elements in fashion designers' current design. Many designers are willing to express their ideas about "Chinese style" with Chinese characteristics and integrate this element into their designs.

Chinese style with design

1: The neckline, cuffs, and skirts of traditional Chinese costumes have strong characteristics and have become the most commonly used Chinese style elements in designing current designers. For example, the collar part is the part of the first impression of a clothing design. Traditional Chinese clothing includes the stand-up collar, cross collar, straight collar, and round collar. A stand-up collar is a common collar type of conventional clothing.

2: Apply patterns, textures, and colors (red, green, purple, and other pure primary colors; Chinese ink and wash colors) or parts of the clothes to reflect the Chinese style, adopt a more subtle way, rather than intensively rendering to build a complete China Traditional costume appearance. The fashion of traditional elements is the key to "Chinese style" in current apparel design.

I hope that all customers can receive babakud's Chinese style classification. At the same time, if you have any ideas about Chinese styles, please contact our customer service or leave your comment here.

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