Why The Linen Material Is More Expensive Than Other Material Like Cotton?

In our babakud online store, you might find that the clothes in linen are more expensive than other material. To find out the reason, you need to know these:

In short, Linen making is laborious and timely, from field harvesting to fabric construction on the factory floor. The geographical limitations of flax production of flax planting, which mean that linen is more expensive to purchase than cotton fabrics that are easier to produce.

Flax fibers are inelastic and are easily broken during the production process, so care must be taken when spinning and weaving. If something was overlooked, the linen become the inferior-quality and can not used as the material of clothing. As a result, these machines must operate at lower speeds, resulting in lower yields and increased costs.

Therefore, no matter what the floral linen dress, linen wrap dress or linen maxi dress are more expensive than other in common because of the same fabric.

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