Can You Wash Suede Leather Shoes?

Can You Wash Suede Leather Shoes?

The answer is absolute yes! Let get into the process.

1. Use a special brush to rub suede leather shoes
The special brush can be obtained in physical or online stores. Gently brush the shoes, again and again, to remove scuffs and stains on the surface.

2. A rubber pencil eraser should be a good tool
Remove scuffs and smudges with a rubber pencil eraser. Wipe the suede in one direction to keep good condition and get rid of any eraser residue.

3. Corn starch is enabled for clearing away grease spots
Directly Spread a small amount of enough corn starch onto the stains and sit for 2-3 hours to clean the grease with a suede brush.

4. A silicone-based spray to remain suede shoes.
Spray your shoes with a shoe protectant spray immediately when you just got the new shoes or cleaned the shoes. Keep the can an arm's length away from the shoes and spray evenly over them.

That' all tips for cleaning suede leather shoes. Welcome to share your ideas here. 


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