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Tips 1 about how to choose the suitable size

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Some users in our site may have some confuses about how to choose the fitting size in babakud,com. Right here you might find the answers.

Choose Fashion Clothes Size:
As you can see from ours site, every items has its details about the size, which are based on the clothes only with no models, therefore, with little difference from 1 cm to 3 cm. We hope to get your kind understanding.

If you really like some styles, we suggest that you compare your body measurements with the item size measurements (like bust size, waist size) to decide the size accordingly, instead of choosing the ''usual-size'' directly. Please take the size guide as reference. Our size is in general smaller than usual size. Make sure that the items measurements are larger a little than your every body measurements.

Choose Adorable Shoes Size:
Most shoes share the common size metrical data, which is shown as follow:
But for some styles, there exist some difference in size details. In that case, what you need to do is read the information after the word "PS", which can guide you to how to choose the right one.

What if you can not find the fitting size in one item? If so, send a email to the babakud team at We are glad to help you. 

Size Cart For Shoes:

size  length 
 cm   inch 
35  22.50   8.86'' 
36  23.00   9.06'' 
37  23.50   9.25'' 
38  24.00   9.45'' 
39  24.50   9.65'' 
40  25.00   9.84'' 
41  25.50   10.04'' 
42  26.00   10.24'' 
43  26.50   10.43'' 
44  27.00   10.63'' 
45  27.50   10.83'' 

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