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Babakud - Shop for Loose Casual Women Clothing!

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Babakud was founded in 2012, our main products are loose casual women clothing, retro dresses, linen dresses and cotton linen clothing . We focus on the quality of the product, and every piece of our clothing will bring you pleasure and enjoyment. In the pursuit of quality at the same time, our style is maverick, every piece of clothing are well designed from our best designers.


In this particular area which we have no lack of competitors, and this opponent is buykud, its products are also extraordinary, and it is committed to loose women for many years. But their weakness is the after-sales service and delivery speed. Many customers have  is the after-sales service and delivery speed. Many customers have complaint about that.


We have taken this problem into consideration very seriously, we guarantee the after-sales service and delivery speed. Basically 5-8 days you will receive the products from us. Also, we guarantee free return and exchange.


You will enjoy shopping with Babakud for loose casual, muslim women clothing!

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