What Made Me Choose BABAKUD

It’s 4 in the morning and you have work in 3 hours. You know that and still, you’re online, looking at clothes With both hands, you scrub at your exhausted eyes. It doesn’t work and your eyesight is still blurry. You’re tired because the printer at the office decided to go on a rampage again.

It spewed out everything but the document that you needed. Consequently, your presentation was a mess with just a piece of paper in your hands with your notes scribbled on it. Your feet betrayed you by splashing into a puddle on the way home and ruined your shoes. That made you sad even though they pinched like hell. But most of all, you’re tired of seeing the same fashion-conscious pieces in all the stores.

They do nothing for you. Sure, you want to look good every day. Who doesn’t? But you want clothing with substance. Something that doesn’t make you feel you’re copying someone else’s style. Shoes that don’t make your feet bleed after walking just one block. Accessories that have more to them than just being the latest in fashion.  

Refresh…new tab…another store…and it so it goes until you arrive at Babakud’s website. What is this store? Why isn’t it not like the others? Oh, linen dresses and roomy shirts that aren’t form-fitting! How can do they offer handmade shoes that feel like you have clouds on your feet because the leather is that soft? Now, your eyesight clears, and you start hitting the "Buy Now" button for every piece you see!

In case, you haven’t surmised it yet, that’s how I discovered Babakud. It was in the early morning hours. I stayed home, brewed my usual ten cups of coffee, and jittered all the way to purchasing linen dresses, plaid shirts, and retro skirts in denim. An errant click opened the section on shoes in another tab and I was shopping some more. When I saw they also sell accessories and outerwear, I cried. Mostly out of relief but also because of my quickly-emptying wallet!

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