Tips 2 on how to use coupon code.

Last time, we talk about how to choose the suitable size on babakud, you must have already know what to do when you come across like that.

This time, we are to introduce the users to how to use the special coupon code. Firstly, you need to get that how many kinds of code that we provide.

  • Type 1:
The detailed percentage with the entire order. eg: BK15.
Input this into the blank on the check out page, the money you should pay for decrease by 15%, And the more items you choose, the more you save.

  • Type 2:
The specific discount amount for the order. eg: BK10, BK20, BK30.
Before you use it, there is something you need to keep in mind: As for the BK10, BK20, BK30, the purchase amount should reach up to $99, $199, $299 respectively.

  • Type 3:
Buy X get Y. Which means that buyers choose X items, And get Y% off for the next item. eg: PROMO (Buy one get the second 50% OFF)

Imagine that you bought a loved cotton linen dress with price of $50 and loose casual fit blouse with $40. When you use the PROMO, you can get the blouse with $20. In this case, you pay for $70 in total for the items value $90.

But now the type 3 code has been out of the deadline. We will inform the users through the social network or in the website home banner any new promotion.

Remember that the input blank contains one coupon code only. You need to choose the best one to save more money as much as possible. But if you not mind this, just skip what I said. If you really need to save more, consult us at is preferable for you.

Here is the screenshot of use the coupon code:

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