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Pre-industrial revolution, household linen fabrics were mostly handmade by the household women, many of whom had decades of experience in their craft. Furthermore, most of these women carried the whole process from beginning to end: from planting the seeds for the flax or cotton crop, all the way through to using that crop to make the fabric and sewing the fabric into utilitarian items for the home.



Household linens are sometimes made of actual linen from the flax plant, but can be made of other materials like cotton, velvet, or silk.

The condition of a vintage linen is of the utmost importance whether you plan to use the linen in your own home or resell it. Old linens that have never been used can be found with the original paper labels. This level of pristine condition is hard to find but can be very valuable.

However,  Cotton linen dresses  in bubukud are mostly use the best linen material, which is so called the valuable stuff. Put it on, the days seems so short. Not a day goes by that I don’t have vintage linen dresses on my leisure time and vintage linen pants in myself. I unashamedly plead with buyers to use what they purchase.

Here are something bought in the, the image as follow:


Also, these are thousands of types buyers would like, for more, please visit

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