The Cotton Linen Floral Sleeveless Dress With 18 Colors

Recently, I saw a lot of beautiful girls in linen floral dresses. So beautiful and charming. Therefore, I found a preferable dress on babakud at the same time. I can't help recommending it to you.

The dresses drive me obsessed in such respects:

# Rich Colors
The dress I said have 18 colors, which means I can wear this every day with different colors in about half month. It's lees possible that you or me feel dull.

# Floral Pattern
Every colors have its special patterns. Floral or leaf prints, color block or muti-color, you just need to choose the one which come to your heart.

# Sleeve Design
Summer is coming, hotness is attached. Most all us are considering one thing, That's would be how can be more cool. Sleeveless dress means more breathable and suitable for summer. If you are worried about the sunshine, a sun-proof cardigan can be a good choice.

I know that special you have own thought for summer clothing, but I wish that you can remember what I infer if you can not find something adorable.


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