Shortcomings of Cotton and Linen Casual Clothing

  1. No wrinkle resistance. Like cotton products, hemp products are natural, and they are not wrinkle-resistant. This is a relatively obvious shortcoming. Of course, it is undeniable that random folds are just cotton and hemp. Although cotton and linen are prone to wrinkles, in fact, it is also best to take care of them, as long as the local spray point of moisture, because the flax sag feeling is very good, the clothes will be flat when they are dried.  
    2. It's a bit prickly to wear a suit for the first time. Multicolor dyed flax/cotton flax will be tougher than other fabrics, which is caused by the multi-dyeing process. As long as you patiently accept the initial touch, as the number of washing increases, it will become more and more close to the skin requirements, become soft and elegant. Unwashed fabrics are not necessarily linen, or the content of linen is less than 30% if they are more flexible and have no rough feeling.  
    3. The fabric feels rough. High-quality linen fabrics, or fabrics with high flax content, without repeated washing, will feel rough on the touch and become more flexible after several washing.  
    4. The dyeing tone of cotton and linen is dark and belongs to the dark color system. The effect of dyeing linen is different from that of other dyed fabrics. Whether gloss or saturation is relatively dim. Because the camera has limited ability to distinguish color and luster, the dim effect cannot be reflected in the product photos, so the photos are generally brighter than the real ones.

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