Linen and cotton is a poem

It is fresh and elegant, facing the sky plainly.

But there is a natural flavor of literature and art.

Elegant and reserved.

Cotton and hemp, one from cotton,

One comes from hemp plants, which are naturally grown.

Wearing it is as comfortable and cool as the breeze in the forest.

She is deeply loved by Sen women and literary and artistic model girls.

If we use a word to describe cotton and hemp,

That must be: wash out the lead.

Like the soft cotton, the texture of hemp,

Be intimate, breathable and comfortable.

Not to please others.

I like the simple design of cotton and linen.

There is no excessive red tape.

Simple but unadorned,

Play a beautiful chapter

Like cotton and hemp quiet and low-key,

The elegant and moving connotation,

That is the most essential aesthetic feeling of life.

So in ancient times, cloth also represented a kind of civilian spirit.

An attitude of purity and simplicity.

Compared with other materials, cotton and hemp are always low-key.

No supernatural appearance, no complicated design,

But there is a cordial force of nature.

Cotton and linen are soft.

Its unique lines spread out gently.

It shows the traces of years, simple and peaceful.

Cotton and linen are tall.

It is elegant, like orchid, lonely and self-admiring.

There is a sense of self-confidence.

Appreciate only those who understand。

Cotton and hemp adopt plain color without any embellishment.

The natural texture of cotton and linen is presented.

It is as clean as the lotus in clear water.

Non-stained fiber dust, independent of prosperity,

The same is true of people, as long as they insist on it.

It will not be disturbed by the noise of the world.

So cotton and hemp always have some literary feelings.

Simple but not boring, elegant and reserved,

Light and shallow like a clear stream.

A gentle breeze,

Give people a fresh and natural, refreshing feeling.

Probably this kind of cotton and hemp has created the wind of retro-vintage.

Its popularity does not follow the trend and does not act.

Light and long。

Life should have been like this.

Simple as cotton and linen.

Natural, fresh, pure.

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