Floral Print 3/4 Sleeve Date Casual Dress Serial

Today we recommend a Floral Print 3/4 Sleeve Date Casual Dress. Today's dresses are loose and stylish, comfortable and elegant. This means that it can cover your little belly and beautify the curve of your hips. No matter what type of figure you are, thin or other body types, it can definitely meet your needs.

Let's look at more details:

Fashion crew neck:

The color of the dress is very good, and the crew neck can show off your charming neck.

Comfortable cuffs:

Simple cuffs, plus a touch of floral accents, which are beautiful and monotonous.

pocket design:

This women midi dress has side symmetrical pockets to place your small items, such as cell phones, keys and so on.


Although this dress is perfect for casual wearing, but it is quite more elegant and romantic.There are many styles like this on buckud.com, if you really like, click here to see more styles. (https://www.babakud.com/collections/dress)


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