Cotton and linen cloth

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Cotton and linen always appear with the cloth. In ancient times, cotton and linen was the first choice of the mass society, and it was also a culture that was precipitated in thousands of years of history. It was also the return of a spiritual representative of the "clothing spirit", and it also interpreted a collision between retro and fashion! 

People who like cotton and linen materials usually prefer a simple and natural lifestyle. Women who like cotton and linen clothing usually have a milder and quieter character. Men who like cotton and linen clothing are relatively tolerant, uncontested and yearning for freedom!

Cotton and linen fabrics common sense:

  1. Because cotton burlap material is woven from natural plant fiber and has the characteristics of plant fiber, it has a certain shrinkage, about 5%. Do not dry it when washing, and can't wash it with washing machine.
  2. National style tie-dyed cotton cloth, the first wash will have a slight fade of floating color, you can add salt in the water to fix the color. If it is black clothes, add espresso or strong tea to the last rinsed water to make the clothes fade and black.

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